Dramatically Improve Your Performance

Transform Your Showing

Impact Your Life

Join Sandy Collier & Barbra Schulte for a Deep Dive Into High Performance,

Cow Work, & Camaraderie at the V6 Ranch, April 9 - 11

During this 3-Day Clinic Focused on High Performance, You Will ...

Become More Authoritative and Precise as You Make a Cut ... Learn how to select and read cattle; position your horse for the cut and control a cow.

Move the 5 Main Sections of a Horse's Body With Control  ... Acquire the critical technical skills of collection, guiding & moving your horse.

Become a Better Partner With Your Horse  ... Understand how a horse learns and how to most effectively communicate with him so he is a willing, responsive and relaxed partner.

Gain More Accuracy, Control and Rhythm Working a Cow ... Learn how to work a cow with correct form and a pretty rhythm as you read the cow and the situation. You will learn how to better control a cow for both cutting and boxing.

Acquire the Mental Skills of World Class Athletes  ... Develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body-emotion connection. Throughout all riding sessions you will practice and apply research-based, easy-to-learn mental and acting tools to call up confidence, calmness and authority at will ... in any situation. This is what allows your technical skills to come to life in the show pen.

Align Your Most Deeply Held Personal Values With Your Riding and Life Choices ... You will leave with a deeper understanding of what you value most and what you really want in your riding and in your life. You will learn ways to align these values and desires to experience more peace within along with a quiet confidence.

Monday - Wednesday, April 9 - 11


V6 Ranch, Parkfield, Ca.


Clinic Start: 1:00 PM Monday

Departure: Early Evening, Wednesday

Monday Afternoon, April 9th

1:00 PM Start

In Depth Mental Skills Training Workshop

Lecture/Discussion/Workbook and Dinner at the V6 Restaurant

Tuesday - Wednesday, Apr 10 & 11

2 Full Days of Riding 

Clinic Participants will be broken up in 2 groups for all sessions


We will ride in the morning and in the afternoon.

Tuesday morning, both groups will experience:

One session of herdwork exercises w/ Barbra

One session of horse warm up, suppling, collection and guiding exercises with Sandy.


Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday

depending on your preference, you may:

Focus on cow work with Barb: flag, making cuts & working out of the herd


Focus on boxing/going down the fence with Sandy


A combination of both!

Auditors Are Welcome

Clinic Fee: $995

Mon. Mental Skills Workshop + dinner $149

All three days auditing + meals $295


* You ride Reined Cow horses, Cutting horses or Ranch Horse Versatility horses

* You love to compete

* You have a trained reined cow horse, cutting horse or ranch versatility horse


Special thanks to Barbra and Sandy for their tireless instruction, encouragement and love for us women & our horses. Truly a purpose with a passion!! ~ Sue (Frickin Longfellow) Carter

What an amazing experience and I got to share it with all of you. I learned so much and I cannot wait to apply all my new skills. Thank you so much for the opportunity Sandy and Barbra you two rock!!! love and hugs ~ Jody and Winston

https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifJust wanted to let you know that I had my first show since the clinic yesterday. We won 2nd in the Ranch Class with a 71. But most important, besides making 3 good cuts, my trainer said it was the best he has ever seen me sit my stops! So thanks for that. :)  ~ Tootie and Wendel

I wanted to thank you both again for great retreat/clinic at the V6 and share an experience that I feel demonstrated my improvement with riding / showing.

On Saturday, I was scheduled to take a lesson from my cutting trainer in the practice pen at our local cutting club show. My cutting horse had hurt his leg Friday night, so I took the bay mare I brought to the V6 clinic (she's my versatility/Cow horse and practice horse for cutting). Our plan was to practice cuts: my trainer says go in and pretend like you are at a show. 

So, I used Sandy's baseball diamond / steering exercise during my warm up, did mental preparation, and also told trainer what words help me to stay in correct position in saddle. We made good cuts, I could think about flow of herd etc, & stayed in good position in saddle. When your trainer says three times afterwards ... "that looked really good"... well it felt good to me and he agreed!

As I rode out my first thought was - the clinic really helped me!! Spending three days working & mentally practicing skills at clinic/retreat significantly improved my riding. I know it wasn't in the show pen, but it was excellent practice! 

Happy Trails! ~ Andrea Pasek

Frequently Asked Questions


Monday, April 9th

Morning arrival: Please arrive early enough to get your horses settled in and your trailer unhooked if you like.

Noon: Lunch at the Restuarant

1:00 – 5:00: Mental Skills Training Classroom Workshop which includes a fill-in-the-blank workbook to take home.

5:00 – 6:00: Feed, rest and socialize … appetizers in the bar/restaurant

6:00: Dinner

6:45: Lodge living room to share our stories

Daily Schedule?

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 10th & 11th

7:00: Breakfast is served.

7:30: Those who want to may help gather cattle from the hills (optional … but fun and gorgeous).  Please be ready to ride by 7:30.

8:00: Cattle circle in the arena to begin our day with a Gratitude Ritual 

9:00 – 4:15: (We will stop for lunch). Ride! Depending on the day, we will do dry work, reining, cattle or flag work. Every riding session will include building on mental skill knowledge and practicing those skills. The group will be divided between Barb and Sandy for individual topic segments. Everyone will get a lot of individual attention.

4.:15 – 4:30: Horses are put up for the night.

5:00-6:00 you may rest, visit and enjoy appetizers served at 5:30

6:00: Dinner

After dinner we will meet at the lodge, relax and debrief the day. 

Retreat Fee?

$995 includes:

Pipe corral for your horse(s) under shade trees

All meals


RV or LQ hookup if you need that

Not Included in the Fee:

Feed for your horse


Options for Lodging at the V6?

The Ranch has a "Bunk House" with a number of rooms. Each room is a small 2-bed room without bathroom amenities. It's just a short distance to the toilets and showers $75 per night (the room can be shared).

 The Ranch has a Lodge … rooms at the Lodge have 1-3 beds and are $110-$150/night plus tax depending on which room. So sharing a room with a friend is very affordable. If you want to have your own room, of course that’s fine, too.

If you are going alone and you would like a roommate, let Sandy know and we will try to pair you with someone else in that same situation.

View the rooms at the V6 website.


BOOK YOUR ROOMS  by calling Barb Varian at the Cafe

805-463-2421. Be sure to tell her that you're with us!

More Information

Our maximum number of riders will be 24. We have the ability at the V6 to break into 2 groups so everyone will get plenty of individual attention.

Registration will be first come first serve when we receive your deposit. We will let you know once it is received. However, please email Barbra at Barbra@barbraschulte.com and let her know you are sending in your registration and deposit. Once she gets your message, we will reserve your spot for one week until your check arrives.  

In Case of Rain?

As far as rain-we love rain!! We won't be cancelling because of it! Instead, we'll do a happy dance, put on rain jackets and ride!! John has invested in tarps to cover the arena ground at the Blue Oak Camp in case of rain too (like on a baseball field). We have propane heaters and a wood stove in the Roundup Room. So, we'll be prepared. Bring your own rain gear too just in case. We aren’t wimps! We’re cowgirls! (-:

How to Get You and Your Horse to the V6 Ranch?

Here's a link to a map. http://www.v6ranch.com/PDF/V6Ranch_Directions.pdf

Even if you've been here before, we suggest bringing directions. You won't have cell service out there, so if you do get lost, your GPS won't be helpful. It will take you at least an hour or more from Paso Robles.

Cancellation Policy

Please Note: If you cannot attend, your deposit will be refunded if we can fill your spot. If we cannot fill your spot, you may apply the deposit to one of our future clinics or retreats.

Still have questions?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact either of us: Sandy: sandy@sandycollier.com or call 805-350-1869, Barbra: schultez44@sbcglobal.net or call 979-530-8047.



Enter your name and email address and we will send an email to you with details on how to mail in your registration form.